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Chris Hannah reviewed The Dojo of Karate
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Absolutely the best. Thrilled to be training here. We will be long term clients.

Demi Shukas reviewed The Dojo of Karate
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Summit fit dojo (the adult workout part of this business) is amazing. All the staff truly cares about you and your goals. The workouts are tough but they work with you and will alter them if you have injuries. Class sizes are small which helps you bond and connect with everyone there. I'm so happy I joined and you will be to.

Lars Pettersson reviewed The Dojo of Karate
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Awesome Sensei and a great Karate Dojo for all ages.

Emily Asay Miller reviewed The Dojo of Karate
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This karate school is absolutely amazing. The Sensai (Javier) cares about the kids so much and it shows. He teaches them about important values, such as integrity, hard work, dedication, as well as the importance of doing well in school and listen to their parents. I give it 5+ stars!

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Karate Demonstration Performance At Denver Nuggets Game

Learn real self-defense skills and get personal training from a former professional athlete and world champion

Sensei Lozano Demonstrates A High Flying Jump Kick.

The Dojo of Karate’s All Star Karate Demonstration Team has been honored with the amazing opportunity to perform for the Denver Nuggets on Sunday, December 14th versus the former World Champions, San Antonio Spurs. The performance will be prior to the game starting, which is at 6:00 PM (mountain time).  Though I believe we are pretty incredible, I feel that the Nuggets Cheerleaders have an upper hand on us for the Half Time Show… For the past 6 to 7 weeks, students in our Black Belt Club members have been training and working hard to perfect their skills for an opportunity of a lifetime.  And, though all of these students are not Black Belts, yet, they are practicing and training to become a future Black Belt. We have 4 more weeks of preparation, and these kids are focused and ready to show off what they have in them, including their confidence, perseverance, and spirit. We want you there to see this awesome performance and great game.

Want To Join Us?

Here’s the great thing… You don’t need to be a student of The Dojo of Karate.  If you are a former student, friend, family member, teacher… or anyone else, WE WANT YOU THERE!  These kids deserve your support.  Plus, you’ll get to watch an awesome match up against the San Antonio Spurs. So, if you would like to join in on the fun, feel free to follow the link below and purchase your tickets. The Dojo of Karate students, parents, friends, and family members plan on sitting in the Upper Level Center.  However, if you choose to sit somewhere else, you are welcome to.http://www.nuggetstix.com/dojokarate1214 The ticket prices and sections are as followed:Denver Nuggets & The Dojo of Karate Lower Level Corner: $65 (normally $98, plus fees) Upper Level Center: $20 (normally $40, plus fees) Upper Level Corner: $15 (normally $30, plus fees) Again, our group will be sitting in the Upper Level Center.  If you would like to join us, we would love to have you sit in our section.  Otherwise, feel free to purchase a different section.

The Perks Of Performing For The Nuggets

There also come some COOL and AWESOME perks for the The Dojo of Karate’s All Star Karate Demonstration Team performing at the December 14th Nuggets VS Spurs game.

  • First and foremost, we get to be on the hardwood, where the Nuggets play professional basketball!
  • Present the American Flag during the National Anthem!
  • High Five the Denver Nuggets as they enter the court for warm-ups!
  • Sit-Court Side BEFORE pre-game warms so we can experience how it feels like to have the best seat in the house!
  • And, much more!

We look forward to having you join us on Sunday, December 14th at The Pepsi Center VS the Spurs for the All Star Karate Demonstration by The Dojo of Karate.