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Chris Hannah reviewed The Dojo of Karate
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Absolutely the best. Thrilled to be training here. We will be long term clients.

Demi Shukas reviewed The Dojo of Karate
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Summit fit dojo (the adult workout part of this business) is amazing. All the staff truly cares about you and your goals. The workouts are tough but they work with you and will alter them if you have injuries. Class sizes are small which helps you bond and connect with everyone there. I'm so happy I joined and you will be to.

Lars Pettersson reviewed The Dojo of Karate
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Awesome Sensei and a great Karate Dojo for all ages.

Emily Asay Miller reviewed The Dojo of Karate
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This karate school is absolutely amazing. The Sensai (Javier) cares about the kids so much and it shows. He teaches them about important values, such as integrity, hard work, dedication, as well as the importance of doing well in school and listen to their parents. I give it 5+ stars!

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Spring 2015 Black Belt Graduation

This year, we presented our newest Black Belt Graduation a bit different. Instead of awarding our new students their belts in class, in front of their peers, we decided to SURPRISE them at an outdoor picnic and give their belts to them — in front of the Black Belt Club members. For those that don’t know, our newest black belts are Ethan Wa., Ethan We. and Adam B. — all teenagers that have been training at The Dojo of Karate for about 5+ years. Last Summer, they attempted the Black Belt test, falling just short of their goal.  However, they demonstrated the necessary perseverance, dedication, and focus to achieve their goal — and never gave up. I can’t express how proud I am with these 3 students for working hard and sticking to the game plan.  They trusted their training, fed off of each others inspirations, and just kept plugging away. Sensei Javier Lozano playing kickballDuring the surprise Black Belt Graduation, we all just hung out, ate some cupcakes, cookies, watermelon and had a friendly game of kickball. Even I joined in on the action… however, having to end my day with a pulled groin muscle.  Hopefully it’s a quick recovery prior to my Spartan Race coming up on May 2nd i Ft. Carson, CO. Anyways, check out this video of the kids earning their black belt in front of their peers.